Hi, my name is Becca.  I am currently working toward obtaining my degree in Naturopathy and expect to obtain it by Spring of 2015.  Want to know what a Naturopath is?  Check out my video below 🙂    


I believe that God gave us everything we need to be our happiest, healthiest selves when He created the Earth; and that we are all called to be soldiers for Christ in the modern world.  In order for us to…

Go Natural!

Want to go on your own natural journey?  I would love to help you be your healthiest, happiest, most fulfilled self.  Contact me to learn more about how to get started!

Natural Health

Is happiness OVERRATED?

Society tells us to do WHATEVER makes us happy! But is that really what’s best for us? Check out this video for some food-for-thought 🙂

Ode to Minnesota: My attempt at being Taylor Swift :P

Part of becoming and staying healthy is learning how to positively express negative emotions.  Earlier this year I had my heart broken and found that writing a song about it really helped me get through it.  Today I decided to…

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An Attitude of Gratitude: A Traveler’s Prayer

An attitude of gratitude is a wonderful thing to have.  This month I’ve spent a lot of time traveling… so I wanted to take time to thank God for all the adventures and blessings He has given me.

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An Attitude of Gratitude: a morning prayer

An attitude of gratitude is an amazing thing to have.  Every morning I try to spend time thanking God for the simple blessings in life.  What may seem ordinary to you, is what others are praying for.  

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