Oil Cleansing Method: All-Natural Face Wash


Since I’ve gone Primal, many aspects of my life have changed for the better. The most notable being my digestion, my body composition, and my overall mental well-being. One aspect I have continued to struggle with, however, is my skin.

Prior to going Primal I was on antibiotic acne medication. For the year or so that I took this medication, I had near-perfect skin. Yet, things that seem too good to be true often are. While researching Primal nutrition I started to understand how much damage antibiotics can do to your body, especially when taking them daily.

Specifically, antibiotics:

  • Kill off your good bacteria in the process of killing the bad. Now I know why I used to be so infection-prone…
  • Cause antibiotic resistance. So in the future if I needed to take antibiotics for a life-threatening illness, they would be less effective since I had taken them so long…

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