July 11, 2014

Time: 7:04 AM

Weather: Rainy and Overcast

Readings: Judges, chapters 18-21

Noteworthy Verse:

“At that time there was no king in Israel.  People did whatever they felt like doing.”

Judges 21:25


  • This last part of Judges gets very dark… a concubine gets gang-raped to death, virgins are stolen from their families, whole villages are burned to the ground, etc.  It’s obvious that the Israelites were focused on living for themselves instead of for God and this chapter gives many examples of what “living for yourself” can lead to.  People often live for themselves at the expense of everyone else around them.

I feel blessed that I don’t have to live in the time of the book of Judges.  Our current culture, however, is becoming more and more God-less with each passing day.  It is unnerving to imagine our society slipping into a society anything like the one in Judges.  It inspires me to want to be the best soldier for Christ that I can be… to do anything to prevent our culture from becoming like this one.

I’m feeling incredibly blessed lately.  I feel so thankful for my life and for the people in it.


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