July 22, 2014

Time: 8:12 AM

Weather: Looks nice ūüôā

Readings: 2 Samuel, chapters 1 -5

Noteworthy Verse:

” ‘Do you mean to say,’ said David, ‘that you weren’t afraid to up and kill God’s anointed king?’ Right then he ordered one of his soldiers, ‘Strike him dead!’ The soldier struck him, and he died.”

2 Samuel 1:14-15


  • In this verse, David has just found out that Saul has died and that the messenger of the news is the one who killed him. ¬†Saul had requested that the messenger kill him and Saul had been trying to kill David for a long time.
  • One might expect David to feel relief – that he will no longer have to spend his life running from Saul. ¬†But surprisingly, no. ¬†David felt anger that anyone would kill God’s anointed king without thinking twice about it.
  • This verse shows David’s deep respect for the Lord as well as for the Lord’s plan. ¬†He knew God had anointed Saul king for a reason, and that God could take Saul’s life at any time. ¬†And for that reason, David didn’t want to interfere.

I’m still feeling a bit bummed today. ¬†However I am trying to focus on God’s plan and remind myself that this will be an opportunity to get re-focused on the Lord and to grow closer to Him. ¬†I also saw many of my girl friends last night, who shared their own struggles… we all have days we feel a bit bummed out.

I prayed and stretched for 10 minutes each yesterday.


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