August 3, 2014

Time: 9:25 PM

Weather: Summer Nights 😉

Readings: 1 Kings, chapters 11-15

Noteworthy Verse:

“King Solomon was obsessed with women.  Pharaoh’s daughter was only the first of the many foreign women he loved – Moabite, Ammonite, Edomite, Sidonian, and Hittite.  He took them from the surrounding pagan nations of which God had clearly warned Israel, ‘ You must not marry them, they’ll seduce you into infatuations with their gods.’  Solomon fell in love with them anyway, refusing to give them up.  He had seven hundred royal wives and three hundred concubines – a thousand women in all!  And they did seduce him away from God.  As Solomon grew older, his wives beguiled him with their alien gods and he became unfaithful – he didn’t stay true to his God as his father David had done.  Solomon took up with Ashtoreth, the whore goddess of the Sidonians, and Molech, the horrible god of the Ammonites.”

1 Kings 11:1-5


  • The bible talks about being “unequally yoked” with our partners; warning that marrying an unbeliever will only cause problems in the relationship and likely result in unfaithfulness to God.  Solomon is an excellent example.  Not only was his lust for women out of control (it’s hard to imagine someone with 1,000 women devoting too much attention to honoring God!), but he let that lust lead him astray and cause him to worship foreign idols.
  • Later on in 1 Kings we see what happens to Solomon.  Ultimately his outcome wasn’t good, all because he let his foreign wives pull him astray from honoring the Lord.

Feeling pretty good!  I didn’t follow my typical routine today, but I still managed to get everything done 🙂  Stretched for 30 minutes, listened to my church’s sermon online, and hoping to get some time in prayer in after this devotional 🙂


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