September 29, 2014

Time: 7:18 PM

Weather: Starting to feel like fall!

Readings: Nehemiah, chapters 1-5

Noteworthy Verse:

“Then I called a big meeting to deal with them.  I told them, ‘We did everything we could to buy back our Jewish brothers who had to sell themselves as slaves to foreigners.  And now you’re selling these same brothers back into debt slavery!  Does that mean we have to buy them back again?’ ”

Nehemiah 5:7-8


  • This verse caught my attention because it mentioned “debt slavery.”  Debt slavery is something that affects many people in modern society.  Jesus died to free us from slavery to sin… it’s important that we try to avoid letting debt make us slaves again.  It’s also important that we don’t take advantage of other people and make them slaves to debt.

Starting to get back into my routine… and looking forward to the fall season 🙂


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