Why YOU should grind your own coffee beans :)

I enjoy my coffee.  Since I’ve been eating more fruit these days, I rely on it less.  But there is still something so comforting and delicious about enjoying a hot cup of coffee.  And since God made coffee beans, I see no problem with drinking coffee in moderation… especially when it’s made correctly 😉

In case you didn’t know…

Coffee tastes the way it does because of the oils and flavors stored inside the coffee beans.  We grind coffee beans in order to increase the surface area of the beans, which allows us to efficiently extract these oils and flavor components.  Not only does grinding allow us to extract the flavor faster, but it allows more of the flavor to be extracted.

What happens when you grind your beans:

When a coffee bean is whole the oils and flavor components inside of it are protected, however, as soon as we grind the beans they are at risk for being damaged.  This mainly happens in four ways:

  1. Ground coffee absorbs the odors that surround it, which taints the flavor
  2. Ground coffee reacts with oxygen in the air, which causes the aromas and flavors to be lost
  3. Ground coffee sucks up moisture in the environment, which dilutes the oils and flavors naturally found in the coffee beans
  4. Ground coffee rapidly loses the carbon dioxide retained in the beans, which means less of the essential oils and flavors in the bean will actually end up in your cup of coffee

So as you can see, pre-ground coffee is not anywhere near as flavorful as freshly-ground coffee.  Fortunately there are lots of inexpensive grinders out on the market which don’t take long to use.  I myself use a hand-grinder that I purchased off Amazon for about $20.

Do you grind your own coffee?  Have you tasted any benefits??  Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

For more information check out: http://www.coffeeconfidential.org/grinding/ground-coffee/


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