Glenn Beck’s health struggles reveal the power of natural health alternatives

Last week Glenn Beck revealed some serious health issues that he has been struggling with over the past 5 years.

Some of his symptoms included:

  • vocal cord paralysis
  • macular dystrophy
  • sleep disorders
  • memory disorders
  • seizures

He went to countless doctors, underwent numerous tests, took a string of medications… and ultimately the doctors told him that:

“I had anywhere between five and ten years before I would no longer be able to function… I was told to go home, take at least a year off, and enjoy the days with my children.”

Fortunately Beck relied on his faith in God to keep him going.  Instead of giving up, like his doctors encouraged him to do, he continued to look for other options.

Eventually he found Carrick Brain Centers who helped him discover that he was suffering from an autoimmune disorder as well as adrenal fatigue.  Through a combination of completely changing the way he eats, sleeps, works, and lives, along with ongoing hormone treatment and intensive physical therapy he has been able to reverse the process of his degenerating health.

When he was at his worst, Beck placed in the 10th percentile of brain functionality.  This past summer, he placed in the 90th percentile.  Glenn Beck’s deterioriating brain condition and his ability to regain his health is a powerful example of the positive effects of Naturopathy and the power of natural health alternatives.  


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