December 17, 2014

Time: 8:55 AM

Weather: Beautiful 🙂

Readings: Psalm, chapters 53-71

Noteworthy Verse:

“Don’t they know anything, all these imposters?  Don’t they know they can’t get away with this, treating people like a fast-food meal over which they’re too busy to pray?”

Psalm 53:4


  • In this verse David is crying out to God asking why people treat other people the way they do.  It’s important to remember that everyone you meet is a child of God… and that everyone should be treated with respect and love.

Sometimes I’m shocked by the lack of courtesy people use when dealing with people they claim to care about… it’s like all common sense and proper etiquette has been replaced by self-absorption.  But than I’m comforted by the fact that while people will always let us down eventually, God’s love never fails us.


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